Driver Spotlight

To keep the hype for the series, especially on off weeks when we don’t have racing. I am gonna do a Driver Spotlight. Today, we asked Hanford opening night winner Brendan Warmerdam a few questions.

1. How great did it feel to get your first Sprint Car victory last Saturday night?

BW: It feels great! I’ve come close many of times but could never seal the deal. We’ve always been pretty fast, just never had any luck on our side

2. Tell us how special is it to win at the track where a you basically grew up at watching your dad and before that your grandpa?

BW: I was excited to get my first win at my home track where my dad and grandpa both raced. It was very special to win the first race with Peter Murphy, who’s making Kings Speedway (Keller Auto Speedway) great again.

3. What are your 2020 race plans? Thinking about a 2020 Van De Pol Western Racesavers championship?

BW: As much as I’d want to win a championship, it’s just too early to say what this season has in store. We’re currently working on finishing up the 360 so I’ll bounce back and forth between the two. Plus I have my dad and little brother, Austin, itching to get back behind the wheel of the 305 so I have to share. We’ll see how 2020 pans out, we’re wanting to hopefully get some more wins and just have some fun!

Photo: Joe Shivak